Recommended HDD

Some HDDs dedicated to specific applications are not compatible or not work well with media players.
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Recommended HDD models up to 16Tb for all Zappiti players
WD BLUE (up to 6 TB) - Less noisy than bigger drives
WD RED (all models) - Highly recommended model for high capacity
SEAGATE SkyHawk™ (all models but noisy)
SEAGATE SkyHawk AI (all models but noisy)
SEAGATE Exos™ (all models) ) > In SATA only (SAS models not compatibles)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ (all models)    
SAMSUNG SSD (up to 4 TB)
SEAGATE Archive HDD (up to 8 TB) - old models, not available any more 
Recommended HDD models for Zappiti NAS
WD RED (all models)
WD RED PRO (all models)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ (all models)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ PRO (all models)
Not recommended
WD GREEN (up to 6 TB) - old models, not available anymore - some issues on movie playback 
SEAGATE Baracuda (all models)    
WD GOLD (all models)
WD PURPLE (new models - problems to insert in the Zappiti rack) 
SAMSUNG (all models)
HITACHI (all models)

HDD can be formatted in NTFS or ExFAT (compatible with both Mac/PC)
WARNING! Most online stores sell unformatted hard drives!
HDD Noise Comparison:
WD Red 2TB: 28.6 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 2TB: 28.6 dB (active)
WD Red Pro 2TB: 27 dB (active) - NAS Only 
WD Blue 3TB: 30 dB (active) 
WD Red 3TB: 28.8 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 3TB: 24 dB (active) 
WD Blue 4TB: 28.8 dB (active)  
WD Red 4TB: 30.3 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 4TB: 28 dB (active) 
WD Red Pro 4TB: 32.4 dB (active) - NAS Only 
WD Blue 6TB: 29.4 dB (active)
WD Red 6TB: 30.3 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 6TB: 30.3 dB (active)
WD Red Pro 6TB: 36 dB (active) - NAS Only   
Seagate Ironwolf 6 TB: 37.8 dB (active)    
Seagate Archive 6TB: 35 dB (active)
WD Red 8TB: 22.5 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 8TB: 22.5 dB (active)  
WD Red Pro 8TB: 35 dB (active) - NAS Only 
Seagate Ironwolf 8 TB: 37.7 dB (active)  
WD Red 10TB: 21.7 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 10TB: 21.7 dB (active)
WD Red Pro 10TB: 36 dB (active) - NAS Only 
Seagate Ironwolf 10 TB: 27.5 dB (active) 
Seagate Ironwolf Pro 10 TB: 26.1 dB (active)  
Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB: 34.7dB (active) 
WD Red 12TB: 29 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 12TB: 30 dB (active)
WD Red Pro 12TB: 36 dB (active) - NAS Only 
Seagate Ironwolf 12 TB: 24.3 dB (active)    
WD Red 14TB: 29 dB (active)
WD Red Plus 14TB: 29 dB (active)
WD Red Pro 14TB: 36 dB (active) - NAS Only
WD Red Pro 16TB: 36 dB (active) - NAS Only     
HDD can be formatted in NTFS or ExFAT compatible both Mac PC)